Our choice of colour reveals our personality!


It is, therefore, important to start by thinking about the furniture already present in the room. You can choose a colour which creates contrast or harmony, according to the palette chosen. You can also consider architectural elements; creating geometric patterns around doors, on the ceiling or with frames and skirting board. Subtle colours are usually chosen for a bedroom, but in a living room you can be more daring, maybe even simply an unusual decoration.

The colour will also be the backdrop against which we position the objects we have chosen to decorate the walls of our home. In general, dark colours enhance frames, while lighter colours help other elements stand out, such as shelves or wall lights. A very contemporary choice, to bring a little colour to the living room, is to paint only one wall or one section of a room, maybe in an irregular manner or focusing on one single element, such as a niche or column. If your furniture is modern with clean, light lines, shades of green are very contemporary. From retro shades, to sage, to grey-green: a colour which intensifies with white furniture.

Do you have modern furnishing, but in warm tones? Combine dark wood tones with a bright colour such as turquoise, from acquamarine to emerald. If you only paint one wall, it brightens and gives depth to the room. If your modern furniture is brightly coloured and you also have coloured accessories such as floral curtains, paint the walls in a subtle colour grey-blue or shades of green are the perfect background for bright furniture. Clean and essential lines with a touch of design are perfect for a space dedicated to study or work. To give depth to the walls and at the same time, transmit a sense of peace, use shades of mid-blue.

If your furniture is classical, you don't necessarily have to use neutral colours for the walls; a bright colour such as bordeaux or red is a perfect background for classical furniture. However, do not paint the whole room in a bright colour; one wall or a small area is ideal. Is your home shabby chic? This retro style, influenced by provencal and British styles, is becoming very popular. It gives your home a romantic, decadent atmosphere and is perfect with lavendar coloured walls which enhance the colour and shape of the furniture. A bright sky-blue is another pastel colour which is perfect set against shabby chic furnishing.

If you think you will tire of it, only paint a small area, maybe to enhance an individual peice of furniture. Is your home full of ethnic pieces evoking far-away countries? You mustn't leave the walls white! Enhance your furniture with bright colours; bright lilac in the bedroom provides the perfect background for a small ethnic wardrobe, for example. Does your dining room contain wood furniture and ethnic accessories? A moss-green wall will enhance and unite the various elements and an intense orange will warm any ethnic, colonial-style room, perhaps with a large four-poster bed. Earth colours in general, from orange to brown are ideal for ethnic style interiors.

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