You might think that choosing a chair for the kitchen or dining room is simple, but that's not the case.

Today on the market, there is a huge selection of modern chairs for the kitchen that differ in materials, shapes, colours, processes and ergonomics. With our partners, we offer design and quality chairs, made taking into account the comfort and well-being of those who use them, often even for many hours a day. When you have to choose the chair model in line with the style and furnishings of the house, you must also consider the place where the chairs will be inserted: kitchen, living room or other environments and who will use them: children, older people or people who have special needs. Lightweight and thin chairs are suitable for small kitchens; high chairs are ideal for the bar counter, chairs with important materials and dimensions are suitable for large tables in the living room. The chairs for modern kitchens that you can find at IDW Italia in Biella and Prague are selected to fit in the best way at home and office according to style, design, material and colour. The choice of the chair is closely linked to the characteristics of the environment in which it will be placed, personal tastes and comfort. Our team will guide you in the best choice!