Fabrics for stylish decor.

For some people, style dictates them; for others, they are a detail which adds a chic touch to their interiors.IDW Italia offers a vast choice of curtains, selecting the finest quality fabrics to give you something which will be perfect for every room;  in your home, your office or in a public or outdoor space. Mottura is a partner of IDW Italia, specializing in both decorative curtains, as in the Futura and Classica lines, ideal for a kitchen or living room, and also in vertical roller blinds for both indoor spaces such as offices and also outdoor spaces. A simple collection, which is, at the same time, sophisticated. Modern curtains, with a delicate design, creating a unique, luminous, fresh interior. For your bedroom, IDW Italia proposes an elegant, stylish line, which will not only suit any style of furniture but also enhance it, with quality and refinement.  Beautiful curtains which are also practical and functional, fundamental to the design of the room, but also indispensable as a light filter. Whether they are modern or classical, curtains perfectly perfect any interior! Mottura represents a guarantee of excellence when it comes to luxury curtains. Since 1963 it has been making curtains for practical uses or as design elements and over the years, has become a brand leader, exhibiting exclusive quality in all areas, due to its “Sistema per tenda” (Curtain System), an advanced technological programme in continual evolution.