Design and furnishing solutions with Italian taste in Prague

Praga Showroom
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IDW Italia   Incontro preliminare gratuito
Explanations of the product and basis of the concept to work on.
Free preliminary meeting
IDW Italia   Disegni & Preventivo
Floor plan and 3D drawings with detailed quote.
Drawings & Quotation
IDW Italia   Sopralluogo gratuito
Measurements control
Free on-site inspection
IDW Italia   Assistenza gratuita post acquisto
Distribution of technical drawings and plant diagrams to the builder.
Free assistance on building site
IDW Italia   Consulenza post acquisto
Cooperation with customers and the builder.
Post-purchase advice
IDW Italia   Supervisione post acquisto
Supervision and specialized Italians installers with thirty years of experience.
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The Showroom

Exploring the possibilities for your space together with our team of specialists and choose carefully the details that will accompany your daily life. Designing your home with you to make your wishes come true, from architectural elements to furnishings, to complete, with the attention to detail enriched by Italian taste, even the smallest feature.


We will escort you on a journey to discover the home design to make you live an experience that will be the beginning of a change for your house, of which you will be the creators and protagonists.


With over 30 years of experience in furniture's design, IDW Italia has a modern and innovative imprint to meet every customer need.

IDW Italia a design area in Prague with an Italian taste

A enjoyable environment, enriched by living spaces, that allow you to analyze different materials and finishes used in the design and at the same time to observe furnishing solutions with modern design.

We design every aspect of your house with Italian taste: from floors to lighting, from furnishings to the finest detail that will characterize a space.