Dorelan: new Benessere line 2021


We have had a long period of stress, anxiety, uncertainty. The pandemic has changed our habits and our lifestyle and influenced our psychophysical balance.

It is time to regain control, and Dorelan, with the help of Italian customers, has decided to establish "2021. Wellness goal ". A program entirely dedicated to self-care, in which the mattress is not the protagonist, but the means to achieve high quality sleep. The best product in the world is useless if you do not observe some precautions, in fact the company has also made other tools available to work together with people, understanding their habits (correct or incorrect) through a questionnaire and generating online content that provide advice for a correct lifestyle and a good rest, this is also possible thanks to sharing: in fact, following #lamiaoriginedelbenessere it is possible to read the experiences of other users and take inspiration from their stories.


Dorelan is the best consultant for a good sleep but also a leader in the production of mattresses, considered in this case real medical devices (they are in fact deductible at 19%).

Let's see in detail the characteristics of these four novelties of the Wellness line to be discovered:

DESIDERIO (Memory structure)

Desiderio's exclusive structure uses 3 different types of Myform Memory and allows for a progressive and timely reception for every build. The top layer in Myform Memory Clima ensures the correct resting temperature in every season, while the Myform Memory HD and Myform Memory Air HD layers give a perfect balance between comfort and ergonomics. The central core in Myform Extension guarantees maximum support, while the high transpiration layer in Myform Air characterizes the summer side of the product. Desiderio's elegant upholstery, completely removable and washable, thanks to the fine Bamboo and polyester microfibre padding, combines comfort and hygiene.


EQUILIBRIO (Memory Structure)

The right mix of comfort and breathability finds its highest expression in Equilibrium. The state of Myform Memory Air, breathable and welcoming, guarantees the right ergonomics and harmonizes perfectly with the support and elasticity characteristics of the Myform Extension base, to give life to a mattress capable of satisfying the most diverse resting needs. The precious cover, removable and washable, has been designed to prevent the proliferation of mites and is equipped with a padding, composed on both sides of bamboo and polyester microfibres, which contains the best qualities of elasticity and freshness of both fibers and is based on maximum hygiene and resistance to washing.


GIOIA (Next independent suspension structure)

Gioia's structure combines the high quality of a precious independent spring system with a double layer of comfortable padding on the winter side of the mattress. Equipped with the exclusive and innovative Pillow Top system, which is easily removable and washable, it is padded with Myform Memory Clima which, in addition to making contact with the mattress soft and pleasant, allows you to control the resting temperature with the utmost precision. The sophisticated Next independent spring system, which represents the heart of Gioia, is equipped with 7 zones of differentiated lift and is able to correctly support each area of ​​the body, thus ensuring correct positioning of the spine and maximum elasticity.


BRIO (Bonnel interconnected spring structure)

Reliable and safe thanks to the Bonnel system, Brio combines the classic resting sensation of the traditional spring mattress with the comfort offered by technologically advanced padding. The Compact cover combines the freshness and ergonomics offered by Myform Memory Clima with the breathability and elasticity ensured by cotton and polyester microfiber and wraps them in a soft fabric.


All the mattresses of the new Wellness line have a cover that covers them in FIBERACT Bactericidal and fungicidal treatment that prevents the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria.