Heating your home in style


In the past, radiators, traditionally made of cast iron, were considered simply as heat providers. Now, a radiator is an important feature in a room: design heating. In the past, a radiator was hidden behind a door; today, due to numerous original design solutions from interior designers worldwide, it is on display, perhaps in a interesting colour always elegant.

An avant-garde designer radiator can be fixed to the wall, or perpendicular, attached to the floor by two pins or to the wall by microscopic lateral fastenings (in this way the radiator also becomes a partition). Alternatively, it is also possible to fix it to the ceiling with a hook. In whichever way you decide to secure it, it will be a piece of furniture which will characterize the room. Furnishing a room, as does a photograph, a painting or a shelf.....this is what a modern design radiator can accomplish and there are styles to suit everyone's taste!

Today, we are going to present two models from Brem. Brem radiators are researched so as to satisfy all the architect's demands as regards function and aesthetics: there is always the perfect model for every interior, available, of course, in the correct size. A particular strength of this company is the possibility to produce the various models in any size and in some cases, also changing the original shape and always maintaining the highest standard of quality, in the materials used, the exceptional varnished finish and as regards the welding technique. Pit is a heated towel rail designed for Brem by Pietro Facheris and is ideal even for small spaces. An elegant, minimalist designer radiator with three heated vertical, overlapping rectangles. Space is optimized, thus multiplying heat output and the rectangular sections are perfect for holding towels.

PIT is available in three heights and widths; the narrowest is only 32cm. It comes in white varnished steel and can be personalized on request, by choosing from Brem's colour chart. Like a painting, it is an element which will stand out from the wall and astonish your guests and is also extremely functional!

Cannuccia is a new design accessory from Brem, invented for your bathroom; a heated radiator in an instantly recognizable form, designed by Bettazzi e Percoco Architetti. “Cannuccia” in Italian means “straw” and it is immediately obvious why it bears this name the famous plastic tube used for drinking but what is it used for? Like all heated radiators, Cannuccia heats the surrounding area, aswell as being a striking, stylish piece of furniture. A “pop” object, created with parties and light heartedness in mind, which introduces a note of colour and a smile into your home. Cannuccia is a clothes stand or a heated towel rail coming in three sizes, to be positioned at various angles to the wall, so as to form different compositions. Available in different colours, it is a tube with exclusive corrugation, reproducing the flexible part of a straw and to complete the configuration, a handle to hold it to the wall.

What do you think? Choosing the right heated towel rail for your home is not simple and there are many ideas on the market. Trust in Idw Italia to design your dream house! info@idwitalia.com