Christmas time, 10 tips for your home


Are putting up your decorations? Today is the right day! Your home is about to be infused with the spirit of Christmas but wait... sit down and read our advice before starting.

- Which rooms should I decorate? Add a touch of Christmas to every room in moderation and in harmony with the style of your home.
- Christmas colours red and green, but also gold and bronze but also blue and white! Make your colour choices very carefully.
- Bring nature and the season into your home and experience winter in all its colours and essence.
- Maybe adjust your furniture, paying attention to create the ideal amount of space for family and friends.
- Christmas textiles and especially a Christmas tablecloth are essential.
- Think about sound... soft, relaxing Christmas music!
- The magic of Christmas lights, not only on the tree, but also in other places in your home can add to the Christmas atmosphere.
- Diffuse the scent of cinnamon and ginger around your home create a warm atmosphere.
- Personalization, the keyword, that added value that will make each one truly unique decoration.
- And finally: the real essentials... Christmas spirit and joy!