The sofa, a marriage of elegance and relaxation!


So, choosing the right sofa is very important; it has to be comfortable, functional and also suit the space where it will be placed. Lets forget our grandmother's old, sofa with its springs and padding, too uncomfortable for resting; today there is a new generation of fantastic sofas extremelly comfortable and transformable in whatever way you desire.

The structure and covering of modern sofas are, by definition, made of high tech materials. These are extremely practical pieces of furniture which can be rearranged in one or two quick maneuvers to completely transform the room. Sofa fillings are made of breathable and hypoallergenic materials and most of the covering is removable, so it can be washed as often as necessary (practical if you have animals or children). However, the benefit of a modern sofa is also in its structure: a deeper seat and lower back rest than a traditional sofa, which is more comfortable; you can recline your head and take a relaxing nap.

Innovation in sofa upholstery; when we are choosing a sofa, there is a wide choice of materials and colours available. Materials are virtually indestructable, have anti-stain treatment and can be dry-cleaned with special sponges without leaving marks. Modern sofas are not only practical, but are more elegant than classical sofas. Their tapered form transmists grace and style and they occupy space in a unique way. They communicate with space more effectively than in the past: lets take an L-shaped sofa as an example; you can create a conversation corner in the living room, without having armchairs. This type of sofa also makes a striking visual effect, as well as being extremely comfortable and spacious.

Up to now we have spoken about modern sofas: their shape, production technique and benefits for our home. However, what happens if we want to change our sofa, but our living room is classical in style with heavy furniture? Don't worry, there are many sofas which are still made with advanced technology and are still extremly comfortable, but that have a classical, traditional shape, that suits the style of our room perfectly.