Ideas for the coffee table



What shape would I like the coffee table in my living room? Surely, this is one of the first answers to look for among our ideas, and then go and evaluate all the other characteristics. There are an infinite number of choices on the shape that you can choose for our coffee table, from the classic rectangular or square coffee table to the round one, and then go to more characteristic shapes, such as the elliptical, oval, particular profile one.

Try to make a choice that respects the balance with the rest of the furniture: be careful not to place it excessively close to the sofa, as it could be uncomfortable and bulky during the session. If you plan to lay it on a carpet, perhaps a square one, do not forget to respect the same geometry of the living room as much as possible, so as not to create an excessively chaotic environment!




Even for materials, the choice we are faced with is really wide: again we recommend respecting the style of the rest of the furnishings, for example a classic-style living room can become an interesting context for wooden tables. Otherwise, another idea could be to combine a modern design with a metal coffee table.

These are just some of the many options we can choose from, but we could still suggest glass, which adapts very well to different styles, stone, solid and resistant, but also very heavy (we therefore recommend safeguarding carpets and floors), marble , with its always impeccable and precious style, even if rather expensive, rattan, which is an incredibly durable natural fiber and leather, especially used for soft poufs.




What will be the function of our coffee table? It plays a fundamental role in the management of spaces, and can prove to be multifunctional and space-saving. In order to make the most of the space, it could be functional to opt for a coffee table that can be transformed into a dining table.

We can also choose an alternative as a simple support surface to store our ornaments, or as a magazine compartment, perhaps adopting a container or multidimensional solution, which allows us to make more use of the spaces, also giving a touch of design to the our living room!



If our intention is to think with an all-in-style perspective and we are looking for a design coffee table that is out of the box and completely characteristic, we can opt for alternatives such as the coffee table placed next to the sofa, nestled harmoniously, or to a set of two or more tables in scale, perhaps characterized by a particular shape; the latter option allows us to use them both individually and in groups.

Another particular idea could be to choose an independent coffee table with wheels, perhaps low, so as to be able to have a comfortable functional support for the activities carried out in the living room.


Do not forget to pay attention to the choice of style: classic, modern, industrial, vintage, rustic, do it yourself, minimal, chic, design. For this choice, we recommend that you browse around you, to evaluate the different alternatives that are offered by the market, giving you an idea of ​​your preferences. You can also take a look at the proposals of our trusted partners. We wish you a good search for the perfect coffee table!