The choice of the shower tray - Disenia models designed for your bathroom


In recent years, interior design has evolved, even in the context of objects conventionally considered to be "standards". And it is thanks to this that the classic white ceramic shower tray 80x80, raised above the floor, is no longer simply the container of the water that falls from the shower head but has become a real piece of furniture, giving the possibility to the public to be able to choose from many more materials, colors and types of installation that allow the shower tray to blend in with the rest of the environment, becoming a design element.

Obviously, the degree of product customization and the amount of solutions available will vary depending on the manufacturer. In this article we will see the many options offered by Disenia, one of our partners.

But let's see what details to take into account when renovating the entire bathroom or just the shower:


The first thing to check is the space you want to dedicate to the shower. In addition to the classic standard sizes (eg: 70 × 90, 80 × 100, 80 × 120), if you have a lot of space and want to install a comfortable and spacious shower then we will certainly find an ideal solution among the various shapes, even on request. of the customer who can decide to expand the existing base.

Here are some examples:




Disenia guarantees maximum customization even when it is not possible to purchase a standard size.

The presence of columns, corners or handles does not allow the installation of a square or rectangular shower tray, which is why Disenia produces custom-made products, also compatible with the selected model.



In addition to the available space, it is necessary to take into account the possibility or not of embedding the shower tray in the floor (certainly an ideal option if you are renovating, a little more limiting if the floor does not need to be modified). In the event that there are no slopes necessary for installation flush with the floor, it is necessary to opt for a laying on the floor, an option that is still elegant and impactful if you are able to combine the right colors and shapes.



The materials that Disenia uses are cutting-edge and performing, but also impact resistant and easy to clean.

Solidgel: it is a composite material in which the internal mass, made up of the combination of a natural mineral and a polyester resin, is coated with a surface film of acrylic / polyester resin of the highest quality, which gives it an excellent chemical-physical resistance that is durable in the time and absolute impermeability and hygiene in daily use. The coating film also gives Solidgel a surface gloss that makes it elegant, pleasant to the touch and very similar to ceramic material, with antibacterial, flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties.


Technogel®: is a unique "soft-solid" material that combines the 3D deformation of a liquid and the shape memory of a solid. It is a size stable polyurethane based gel that does not contain plasticizers. Technogel® is soft, flexible, printable, breathable, non-toxic, odorless, and absorbs and distributes pressure evenly. The color and durometer (softness) can be customized, making it suitable for cushioning, dampening vibrations, sealing and absorbing shocks.


Aquatek: Made entirely of acrylic resins, this material ensures extreme durability, especially when compared to many of the alternatives offered by the market. Its color is paste: this means that any damage to the surface of the shower tray or sink can be easily restored, through the use of sandpaper and scotch brite. And for the bigger damages? It is not necessary to send the product for assistance, because it is possible to work on the reconstruction on site with new material.


DuPont ”Corian °: is a non-porous and homogeneous material, composed of about 1/3 of acrylic resin (also known as polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA), and about 2/3 of natural mineral substances. The main component is aluminum trihydrate (ATH) derived from bauxite, a mineral from which aluminum is obtained. It is an advanced composite that can be used in architecture and design as a decorative material in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. DuPont ”Corian ° offers design versatility, functionality and durability. Supplied in slabs and tubs, it can be worked with equipment used to work wood to take on virtually any shape.



Last but not least, there is the choice of color. The shower tray must integrate homogeneously with the environment or constitute a real standout element within the bathroom. It can resume the color of the existing tiles to blend in with the coverings.