Innovative shower boxes


Shower boxes come in many shapes and sizes; before choosing, make sure that there is enough space for the box and that it will not be too close to windows or sanitary fixtures. Also, the opening space of the box varies according to the model. The most common type of opening is the sliding door which saves space, but there are also other types of shower box which open externally and which have a folding door or a pivot door. The main characteristic of a shower box, is, of course, to prevent leakage, so you must ensure that the surrounding structure is water-proof.

There are two materials which are generally used for shower boxes: tempered glass and pvc. Tempered class is more elegant and is of a higher quality, but has some minor flaws; it tends to show water marks and must be regularly cleaned. You must also be completey sure that it is, in fact, real tempered glass, so that it is fully shatterproof and secure. Pvc is the most common choice as it has a lower cost, is easy to clean and is resistant. In general, pvc shower boxes have aluminium profiles. You will also be choosing a base to position at the bottom of the shower box; this is usually in ceramic or resin and must fit the shower box.

Another important element of the shower box is the showerhead, available in many sizes and with different water jets. You must also choose the wall tiles carefully as they must be waterproof and easy to clean. Ultra Live is the latest series of sliding and hinged doors, which add another chapter to the Megius Live story. Megius use the “family feeling” approach from the motor industry, where each model has a name and shares components and structural elements. In the Ultra Live series we find profiles with closing carters and profile cover plugs, as well as the new system of door-release from the outside, in zinc alloy chrome, with automatic regulation and repositioning. The thickness of the tempered glass recalls the More Live series (6, 6+8 mm) and the double corner of the sliding door has the characteristic split and invisible handle. Ultra Live has unique and distinct characteristics; it is 210cm high and the regulation of the eccentric bearing is in glass.