How to choose the floor lamp for your living room


The living room is the most lived-in room in the house, it is a place of aggregation, we meet in the evening with the family to chat and have fun at the end of the day, we welcome guests and relax with some reading or watching a good movie. But all this requires the right atmosphere, let's see how to create it but above all what are the issues to be examined in the selection phase:


First of all we have to decide which type of light best suits the environment, cold light certainly gives a more modern and rigid tone to the environment, while warm light is welcoming and enveloping. Obviously, there are light bulbs on the market that emit cold light, warm light or something in between.



Another very important aspect to take into account is the intensity of the light, there are those who love almost daylight lit environments and those who prefer a more subdued light, also in this case we find dimmable bulbs on the market to regulate their power according to the moments: we may want to relax with a dim light that barely illuminates the surrounding environment and then need to raise the intensity to read something or simply to have more visibility in carrying out daily activities.



In addition to what has just been said, we can say that the intensity of the light is also influenced by the type of lampshade that will enclose the bulb. A lampshade with a fabric or any other thick and dark material will obviously dampen even the most powerful of lights, while choosing a lamp with light shades and thin materials (or simply in transparent glass) will leave the light in the foreground. For those who appreciate the genre, today the exposed bulb is in trend.



The direction of the light beam is also important. If you need a focused light, you can opt for a lamp with spotlights and LEDs that have a radius of illumination very limited to the area where the floor lamp is positioned, perhaps a lamp on the side of the sofa that is turned on only to read or work in that area, while those who want to illuminate the whole environment must opt ​​for a diffused light lamp.


Having listed the most functional elements, let's now move on to the purely aesthetic side, that is the actual structure of the floor lamp to be placed in the living room. In recent years, design has made enormous strides and therefore we find ourselves having an infinite choice of models, from the simplest to the most elaborate. It goes without saying that even in this case, the choice is completely subjective and must be taken into consideration the style, colors and genre of the rest of the room furniture. You have to understand if you want to use the lamp for purely illuminating purposes or if you want it to become the protagonist, a particular and whimsical piece of furniture in the midst of simple and minimal furniture will certainly make your new design element stand out.