Ideas and advices to illuminate your home


The design of the light points is therefore very important: it is not enough to think only of the central ones, but, according to the needs of each room, we recommend arranging the lighting in several areas in the various rooms, for example with chandeliers, floor, table, spotlights, led strips, .. and, to proceed, with all the other various solutions!

We have selected for you some ideas on how to give the right lighting to every room in the house, in order to make the most of everyone's potential!


The living area is the one that requires the most cunning in the study of light points, since it is, unequivocally, the most versatile room in our house, from moments with guests to reading a book, or assumes the role of a study or place of study. work. In short, it is certainly the most multifunctional room in our house! For this reason, we advise you to design the lighting on several levels: the classic ceiling lights, perhaps with a nice central chandelier, the side lights, which can be obtained by placing LED spotlights, possibly obtained in turn in false ceilings. or plasterboard spiovenze. Spotlights can be a really interesting key to give tone to the characteristic corners of our home; an excellent idea could be to set up dimmable points of light, which means with variable light intensity. In addition to chandeliers, spotlights and the various alternatives of the main lighting, a solution that cannot be missing in your living room is the design floor lamp in perfect style, perhaps arched, if the room is high and allows it.



Our advice is to illuminate the kitchen environment to perfection, in such a way as to create an intense and clear light so that you can dedicate yourself, in comfort, to the preparation and consumption of meals. The central light on the dining table is certainly of primary importance. Not least, are the worktops, where we could think of applying recessed directional spotlights, under the wall units, so as to oppress the shadows.



The corridor tends to be the darkest room in the house, this is because it often has no windows, opening only to the other rooms. A good alternative could be to place a series of ceiling lights, at the same distance, along the corridor. Another great idea would be to give the ceiling a multidimensionality and insert spotlights, perhaps with sectioned lighting, so as to create a particular atmosphere, even in this passageway which is often neglected.



In the bedroom, in addition to the classic chandelier, one of the solutions that we could adopt is to arrange wall lamps, so as to create a relaxing and bright atmosphere at the same time. Do not forget to choose the ideal lampshades for your bedside tables: there are a huge range of products, different from each other, that you can evaluate. A modern idea, which we would like to advise you, is to place LED strips or light points in the darkest points, for example behind the headboard or inside the wardrobe, in such a way as to give a pleasant atmosphere to the our resting place, making it functional.



Even the bathroom is a room that must be properly lit, possibly using ceiling lights or wall lamps, preferably LED, both to contain consumption and because they are less affected by the humidity typical of the bathroom. It would be advisable to opt for lighting sources that allow us to recreate the idea of ​​warm and soft natural light. Remember to pay particular attention to the mirror area, as it must be very clear for personal care in detail. Evaluating suspended chandeliers or directional spotlights at multiple heights could be a valid alternative.