Illuminate with Style: Discover the New BORA Stars and Horizon Collections


BORA Horizon: Intelligent Lighting for Every Situation

The linear pendant lamp BORA Horizon is a design masterpiece that fits seamlessly as both indirect light above the dining table and as a direct light source above the cooktop. With five temperature levels and continuous brightness adjustment, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any kitchen situation. The innovative gesture control makes light control an intuitive and effortless experience.


Freedom of Configuration and Customized Style

BORA Horizon offers unprecedented freedom of configuration. You can personalize your lighting by choosing from various equipment variants to meet your specific needs. With a range of colors including moss green, rose gold, and black, your kitchen becomes a unique and personalized space.


Mounting Variants for Every Preference

The versatility of BORA Horizon is also reflected in mounting options. Whether you prefer a fixed configuration with the cord stop or a mobile version with settings on the light body, BORA Horizon adapts perfectly to your lifestyle.



BORA Stars: Soft Light that Makes Every Kitchen Special

The pendant lamp BORA Stars is an elegant lighting solution that transforms your kitchen into a designer starry sky. Perfect as lighting above the dining table, this lamp can be gradually dimmed to create optimal lighting conditions during meals.


Custom Configuration for a Stellar Effect

With BORA Stars, you have the freedom to configure your lighting according to your specific needs. Available colors, including moss green, rose gold, and black, perfectly complement any interior style. Choose from four mounting variants, including the single ceiling version, recessed, or the arrangement of three lamps in a line or circle.


The Magic of Subtle Light

The light emitted by BORA Stars creates a magical and refined atmosphere in your kitchen. With this lamp, transform your space into a cozy and trendy place, making every moment spent in the kitchen a unique experience.

In conclusion, the new BORA Stars and Horizon collections offer not only high-quality lighting but also a touch of style and personality for your home. Choose the freedom of configuration and the timeless beauty of BORA to illuminate your daily life with elegance.