How to choose the right kitchen!


A simple kitchen such as Ariel or a kitchen for real chefs such as Yara from Cesar Cucine? Or a minimalist kitchen such as Linea Plana or contemporary such as Frame di Arredo3?

We could continue for ever talking about these choices have a look at the kitchens area on our website to get some more ideas. Today we would like to go into detail and give you some inspiration:

What material would you choose for the counter top? Kerlite from Cotto d'Este is an innovative, ecocompatibile vetrified ceramic. It is extremely thin and comes in very large sheets, so that it always remains perfectly level.
The ceramic sheet has unrivalled resistance. Stone Italiana also has various collections, such as Metallico, in quarz with a polished surface. For taps, we would suggest the Rettangolo K collection from Gessi; an innovative shape, minimalist and rectagular, a sculpture which is also an object from daily life. Another alternative would be Gessi 316... creativity has given form and spirit to steel!