A fragrance can detect sides and characteristics of our personality and, at the same time, can recall to the mind places already seen and sensations already experienced in the past. This is why it is of fundamental importance to give the various rooms of your home the right fragrance in the correct way. This is also demonstrated by the fact that the home fragrance market segment is constantly growing. The most important thing in choosing is to let yourself be carried away by the olfactory notes that most define the perfume. Remember that there are ideal fragrances for every season: during winter and autumn we usually opt for more intense and warm fragrances, otherwise, in summer and spring, we tend to choose fresher and lighter aromas.

Photo 1 perfumes in general

The room fragrances become a real piece of furniture in the rooms of the house, so it is advisable to choose those with a discreet design, suited, as much as possible, to the style chosen for the furniture, perhaps evaluating an alternative in glass, painted handcrafted, or in wood. It is always better to direct your choice towards soft or neutral colors.

Photo 2 design

What are, therefore, the possible options to evaluate, for the choice of the type of perfumer?

1_ Glass diffusers with sticks are an elegant and refined alternative to make the perfume an authentic piece of furniture. Inside, the fragrance is released into the environment through wooden sticks, which leave the fragrance unchanged, releasing it gradually and steadily. Thanks to this type of perfumer, it is possible to obtain a natural and light aroma that spreads evenly, without requiring your attention. In fact, in addition to checking that the essential oil is still present, it will be sufficient to invert the sticks once a week to renew their persistence in the air.

Photo 3 glass with sticks

2_When we talk about spray perfumers, we refer to more powerful and concentrated fragrances than the classic diffusers with sticks. The sprays are stored inside modern and practical guns or automatic systems that make a simple spray, obtaining an instant effect without waste. In automatic sprays, it is possible to adjust the spray interval and the intensity of the jet.

Photo 4 hand and fixed spray perfumers

3_A simpler alternative, but not to be discredited in any way, are scented candles, which are a truly scenographic element: just think that, to make a hygge style environment perfect, the Danes cannot do without this incredible element of furniture!

Photo 5 candles

4_ In addition to the aforementioned diffusers with sticks, electric nebulizers are particularly fashionable today, which make real olfactory miracles possible thanks to the fragrant vapor particles they emit into the environment and, moreover, because they allow the use of high quality perfumes .

Foito 6 nebulizers

5_ In conclusion, do not forget the incense: a great classic for the diffusion of fragrances, it has an infinite variety of aromas and is characterized by the fact that it can be placed on incense holders_ of infinite varieties_ really beautiful to look at as design furnishing accessories. In addition, incenses help to purify the environment, drawing many benefits, for example by improving the quality of rest, thanks to fragrances such as lemon balm or mint.

Photo 7 incense