The kitchen represents the heart of our home, the hearth around which to gather to share and experiment. There are different types of materials used to make the top of a kitchen: big brands are now able to customize kitchens with all kinds of materials requested by customers. Let's see together, below, some of the best materials, currently on the market, which we could consider as the best, thanks to their characteristics.


Unquestionably, the laminate kitchen top is one of the most popular and appreciated by the customer, both for the great variety of finishes and colors it offers, and for the excellent value for money. This material is able to faithfully replicate precious materials such as wood or stone. Furthermore, it requires limited maintenance, does not absorb liquids and is shown to be moderately resistant to impacts, abrasions and scratches, even if it does not appear to be particularly durable. Another Achilles heel of the laminate top is its poor heat resistance: always remember to use trivets to avoid damaging it.

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If you prefer a smooth top with a porous effect, but equally bright and able to last over time, we recommend the quartz top, currently very popular also in modern kitchens, thanks to the numerous finishes available, which allow you to obtain high quality compositions. aesthetics. Furthermore, they are the most resistant and hygienic ones. One of the most popular is, of course, Okite quartz, composed of quartz, natural pigments and polyester resin. Resistant, indestructible, hygienic and adaptable to all styles.

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Are you looking for a material of aesthetic quality, practical, which makes dirt less visible and which is characterized by almost imperceptible joints, which favor a practical maintenance of the product? The stoneware top is definitely the one that's right for you. It lends itself well to the creation of very modern configurations, for example kitchens with sink integrated in the top. Belonging to the family of ceramics, it is also used for the construction of floors and bathrooms, offering numerous benefits: indifferent to heat sources, it is not afraid of abrasions, scratches and nicks and ensures a long life.

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For lovers of classic style, looking for a top of natural elegance that respects its style and is resistant, marble and granite are an excellent solution. They fit easily into any context, enhancing its beauty with their natural elegance. Of course, they turn out to be more valuable materials, as we can also see from the value for money, but much less functional, as they are very sensitive to acids, oils and colored liquids, which could irreversibly ruin the marble top of your kitchen.

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The kitchen top in stainless steel is often chosen for the quality of the material: it is no coincidence that it is always evaluated to cover professional kitchens. This material is extremely practical and hygienic, as well as versatile and resistant, practically indestructible. However, its weak point are scratches, so it requires more maintenance and attention than other materials.

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Another material recently introduced in the kitchen countertop market is solid surface: endowed with extreme ductility, this material is thermoformable, therefore capable of assuming any shape, even curved, to create the much-dreamed kitchen top, with a singular design. . In addition, it is resistant and waterproof, easy to clean, anti-mold and highly hygienic.

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