First of all, let's change perspective and imagine wood flooring with a wood ceiling.......a fantasic idea, don't you think?  The room changes completely and you seem to be in a wood cabin in the mountains;  unquestionably warmer and more inviting, this type of setting is perfect for a converted farmhouse or an original bedroom, where a warm glow is the the most important feature.…..and..... what about using parquet as a wall covering?.......another great idea......for example using parquet in the kitchen, to give a touch of intimacy and warm hospitality.  It is, of course, more delicate than tiles which can be easily washed, but, certain types of parquet, if treated, are very durable and can be cleaned without problems.

The same goes for the bathroom;  imagine covering the wall, or part of it, behind the washbasin.......the presence of wood in the bathroom enhances the sense of intimacy.  One could, for example, use dark brown wood panels, to give prominence to a striking, white, ceramic washbasin, and a mirror with simple lights on each side.  A minimalist effect with a touch of nature!

To be really creative, wood panels could be used for the wall behind the bed and why not for the bed rail or headboard?  The whole wall could be panelled, or only up to 1.5 metres;  either way the panels are higher than the bed.  In the living room, parquet could be used to define or accentuate a bar area, forming a room inside a room which is separate from the rest. This really would be a fantastic way to use this wonderful material.

There is only one limiting factor when it comes to parquet......imagination!  There are many, many ways to use it successfully.  If you have an area to refurbish or change radically and you want something really special, natural, elegant parquet, is the perfect choice and will deliver surprising results. This material exists in a variety of colours and can be treated in different ways;  it depends on its quality and purpose, for example, a different type of parquet is used for a bedroom than for a public place.  Parquet is a material which always works well and can be successfully matched with all manner of elements and settings;  it really can be used in thousands of different just need to ignore conventional rules which dictate that parquet can only be used for flooring!

Today we would like to recommend one of our partners, to help you with the perfect choice of parquet for your home.  The solid wood from Foglie d'Oro interprets modern solutions which create timeless emotions.  Every table is different, like every step we take, in each moment of our lives. Irregular surfaces which seem to whisper a story, Foglie d'Oro's artisans transform  raw material into unmistakeable floors:  new wood, which seems to have been created by time itself, carved by hand.  Craftmanship which combines modern technology and age-old expertise, creating warm and intimate floors.  Imperfection, which gives a three-dimensional effect and finish, which recall the character of homes of the past.  

Trust IDW's designers to create your home!  

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