Lapitec, an innovative surface


Up until a few years ago, the only superimposable flooring was carpet, linoleum or laminate, all of which can look artificial. Today there are materials which have the quality, durability and practicality of traditional floors and here we are talking about Lapitec. It is an extremely flexibile product, and as it is durable and waterproof, it can be used for kitchen floors, inside walls and floor coverings in general, ventilated walls, fireplaces and furniture.

In more detail it is a surface in a sintered material and comes in the largest size available on the market, XXL slabs of 3365x1500 mm. Being a solid material it is easy to work with and can be transformed into many different building and furnishing products: from wall covering for inside and outside to flooring, from kitchen floors to ventilated walls. Lapitec slabs are not porous and therefore do not absorb liquids; they will not stain and resist bacteria and mould. They remain as new over time and are not damaged by atmospheric agents, acid, solvents or UV rays and they resist trauma and abrasion, do not freeze or scratch and are incombustible. From the beginning, Lapitec production has respected the environment and the consumer: Lapitec is “green”, in its raw materials, its production process and in the finished product. Lapitec surfaces do not contain resin or oil derivatives, are antibacterial and are made of a completely inert material. Lapitec's Biotech technology is self-cleaning and antibacterial. It is produced using titanium dioxide, which makes it hydrophilic, thus aiding the washing-away of polluting particles from the surface and also makes it immune to mould and mircorganisms. Bio-Care technology makes Lapitec perfect for all situations where a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is required.

Lapitec surfaces can also be transformed into various building and furnishing materials, in the specifc size required by the designer. Being a solid material, it is easy to work with and can be used for an infinite number of purposes: from internal and external wall covering, to flooring, from kitchen floors to ventilated facades. It is indestructable, resistant and strong; age, atmospheric agents, acid, water or solvent bases will not change it. Knocks or abrasions leave no marks and it is fire-resistant and antigraffiti. It will not freeze and is not harmed by UV rays.

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