Kitchen islands in open space


You can choose an L or a C composition, creating a kind of gulf closing in the dining area with table and chairs. The island can be large or small; a simple counter top, or with containers to optimize space. It could also contain the sink and hob or a bar-type counter for snacks, breakfast or quick meals and is either linear and square or round, to fit in with other elements.

Island kitchens, with a central a block containing bases and often the hob, have a convivial character and add a sense of dynamic living to the space. The operative area generally moves to the centre, with maximum personalization of space and flexible modularity. As sufficient space is required, the kitchen often looks onto the living room and therefore allows you to work facing the living room. Optimally, you need about 110cm free space around the island and more if there are front facing modules. The kitchen island is the answer to a new way of living, to contemporary lifestyles; it divides the living room and kitchen, increases the counter top area and allows you to position your column cupboards along the wall a tidy, organised area with enough room to put everything away.

Modules for various functions are positioned around the central island. The operative area for meal preparation is in the centre of the room, as is the lunch area, which can be added thanks to a lower counter top, used as a table or a bar counter for snacks, and furnished with stools or high seats. Cupboards are usually wall-mounted with built-in electrical appliances and storage areas and often also the sink. It is important to plan, in the centre of the room, gas and water connection, electrical sockets for the electrical appliances and the fixture for the extractor hood, during construction or restructuring; an area for sockets can be reserved on the base of the island.

Cesar kitchens presents Kalea, a kitchen with creative and refined solutions, redefining measurements and dimensions. Doors only 1.4cm thick, variable and modular height and width, versatile storage units, contrasting and also matching finishes: these are the rules for a model that unites kitchen and living area in original and innovative architecture.