Choose the right bedside tables for the bedroom


The bedside table is a very practical element, it can be used to store a book that we usually read in the evening before falling asleep and always have it at hand, as well as your PC if you have the habit of working in bed every now and then; it can be adorned with a design lamp or with a particular frame containing a photo that we love and want to keep close to us.


But in addition to the thousand and more features that a bedside table can have, other aspects must be taken into account:


The eye also wants its part, so obviously when making your choice, one wonders if the product we like also matches the rest of the furniture in the room. The bedside table is not always purchased together with the bedroom so it does not necessarily got to have the same style and colors but it must still be in harmony and adapt to the environment, if not, on the contrary, constitute a prominent element among the rest.



Still in the field of aesthetics, the choice of material plays an important role in the atmosphere that you want to create. For a slightly more classic style, you can opt for wood, preferably light or cherry-colored, or darker to obtain a more modern effect, also adaptable to rustic and ethnic.

If, on the other hand, you want to achieve a more contemporary effect, we find bedside tables made of materials such as PVC or MDF, not to mention the lacquered plywood or chipboard surfaces (available in various colors and much cheaper than the first two materials mentioned) which give the room a unique style.

Last but not least are metal and glass: the bedside tables made entirely of metal, or with the glass top, are ideal in a modern or industrial environment, although they also adapt very well to other contexts also depending on of the chrome plating of metal: from gold, to silver, to bronze, to pink gold, and all the other shades available on the market.



There are different shapes and types of bedside tables on the market, therefore, you have to consider the destination you want to give to this element according to your needs. The solutions can have one or more drawers in which to store various kinds of objects, medicines to be taken before falling asleep or simply linen and other clothing.

Others are structured "niche" to accommodate their personal effects but leaving the content in sight, which certainly makes it a penalizing choice in terms of order and aesthetics.

Finally, a more minimal solution is a simple support surface that can be a table, that is the shelf with the classic 4 legs, or a shelf integrated into the head of the bed, thus remaining suspended from the ground. This last choice certainly reduces the available space by making the bedside table a simple support surface, while it is very advantageous in terms of cleaning it and the floor.


To date, we find so many models from the most slender and minimal to the most complex structure that constitutes a real piece of furniture within the room, you can place only one on one side of the bed or combine two different ones. The materials, in addition to those analyzed in this article, are many and just as many styles. The important thing is to always choose the solution that is right for us and that fits perfectly with the rest of the furniture.