How to choose the ideal carpet and how to place it in the room


The carpet is a particular element that can be the protagonist of the room or amalgamated with the rest of the furniture. Everything is in the initial intention: in fact, it will seem strange, but if we are in the first case then the advice is to choose the carpet and then go and match all the rest of the furniture, from the colors to the style, to the arrangements. If, on the other hand, the carpet has to integrate with an existing environment then there are some elements to consider, and in this article we will examine them.

 First of all we need to understand what are the aspects to take into account when choosing the carpet:

  • In which room you want to enter
  • The position inside the room (at least 65% of the room surface must be covered by the carpet)
  • The arrangement of the furnishings that will surround it
  • The size of the environment
  • The size of the carpet
  • The color and the material

Starting from the choice of color and material, as we explained earlier, the first question to ask is: will it be a central element that will stand out in the room or do I want it to conform to the rest of the furniture? The second option, simpler, does not leave much room for imagination, conveying us towards the choice of neutral colors combined with the rest of the elements in the room. If you opt for option number one, you will need to arm yourself with boldness and choose a bright color that is totally in contrast with the color palette present in the environment. The material does not take a back seat, there are several, from rope, to cotton, to patchwork…. Once again, the choice must be made based on the need and the combination with the type of environment.



Ideal if you want to create a connection between the entrance door and the living area, the carpet in the corridor must follow the shape of the passage area and must visually indicate the direction of travel.

We then move on to the living room, the heart of the house, where the carpet usually defines the relaxation and aggregation area, that of the sofa. The measurements of the rugs are standard and usually for a two-seater sofa you could opt for a 120x170 rug and a 160x230 three-seater. Obviously these are only guidelines, it must then be evaluated effectively if it fits the rest of the room. If you do not have much space, you can choose a smaller carpet, perhaps avoiding placing any other furniture such as the coffee table so as not to weigh down the environment too much.



If the living room also hosts the dining room, you have to choose the carpet based on the shape of the table (the most obvious and ideal choice would be round carpet for round table and square or rectangular carpet for square or rectangular table) and the area to be covered must be wide enough to contain table and chairs and come out at least 50/60 cm on each side, so as to allow the sliding of the chairs (to facilitate this gesture, you can opt for short-pile carpets that do not hinder the correct sliding of the chair)

When you have particular sizes available and you do not have a carpet that can satisfy them, you can always focus on the Layer Look, that is, overlapping two carpets in the same environment, paying attention to match colors and materials.



There is no particular indication for the right carpet for the kitchen other than to choose a long and narrow runner that extends along the entire length of the kitchen, avoiding the unsightly carpet in front of the sink. The advice is to select a stain-resistant one for obvious reasons, as well as that of the bathroom. The latter must be combined with tiles and towels and positioned in front of the shower (or tub) for an anti-slip function and in front of the sink to save the floor from any splashes of water.



The main function of the carpet in this room is to give warmth and to guarantee a soft support to the feet when we get out of bed. For this reason, you should opt for a rug large enough to accommodate the bed and bedside tables, with a border of at least 50 cm on each side, alternatively you can place a rug that exactly follows the size of the bed excluding the bedside tables.