Kitchen Tops

Kitchen Tops

Kerlite from Cotto d'Este is a eco-compatibile, vetrified ceramic....a completely new concept. Due to a high-tech production system, Kerlite has scientific characteristics which give both technical and aesthetic excellence. Flat, light, easy to produce and lay, the surface does not absorb stains and is easy to clean. It is also a hygienic, ecological and antibacterial material which is perfect for our homes.

Sadun has been a leading player in furniture and interior design for many years; in the distribution of innovative materials, consultancy regarding destination and optimal application of products. A reference point for architects, designers and other companies, Sadun sees new trends early by focusing attentively on the international production market. Always active in its research, it selects the most interesting proposals for application and aesthetic possibilities.

Solid and elegant, the quartz agglomerate from Santamargherita is the ideal solution for surfaces requiring high tecnical performance. Made from carefully selected quartz sand and resin, certified for contact with food and to be used where hygiene is important, this material has many uses. The Marble line proposes a timeless and yet contemporary natural marble effect, with a choice of different colours and grain size, all carefully mixed to give a touch of artistic flair to all types of interior.

Corian, originating from the research and passion of DuPont, is a material which continues to transform and inspire new creative vision. Designers, architects, artists and laboratories from all over the world guarantee high levels of professionalism and creativity in the production of this extremely versatile material. A wide range of patterns and on trend colours and the opportunity to create personalized colours mean that Corian adapts to all situations: from healthcare to catering and hospitality: from offices and schools to, naturally, homes.

Krion is a new generation solid surface, developed by Systempool, a company in the Porcelanosa group. It is a material which is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone. It is made from two thirds natural minerals and a small percentage of high-resistance resin; this means that it is without pores and has antibacterial properties without additives. It is hard, resistant, needs little maintenance and repair and is easily cleaned.

Stone Italiana's production process is highly advanced and controlled, and results in products to be used in a challenging and specialised way in the building industry. It is a composite material, principally made of quartz. This product has its origins in stone and like stone, it can be worked on, modelled and treated. To complete its scope and be a global player, Stone Italiana offers customized elements made to order!

Silestone is made of over 94% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resistant. It is an excellent surface for kitchen counter tops, bathrooms, flooring and wall covering without leaks. From its many qualities, the characteristics which have made it so popular are, durability, especially in spaces which are used intensively and the wide range of colours.

The revolutionary Dekton surface was a real turning point in the world of architecture and design. Made from sophisticated, modern raw materials, used in the production of glass, ceramic and high quality quartz surfaces, Dekton is a material with unique characteristics and with infinite possibilities for use in counter tops, flooring, covering and facades.

Many years experience and modern technology united with innovative spirit, creativity and personalized solutions; qualities that make ideas concrete. A team of motivated and dynamic professionals, supported by modern instruments, designs and industrializes manufactured items, each time proposing customized solutions.