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Martini Italian Luxory Interiors

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Elegant and functional kitchens, luxurious and original living rooms, intimate and refined bedrooms. Martini converts spaces into environments of unique design and undisputed quality, paying particular attention to every detail, from the choice of raw materials to the final finish of the wood. From the ESSENZA project, which skillfully combines tailoring skills and contemporary lines thanks to the use of exotic woods, metal inserts and solid wood casings ; to the KIT CHEN, DAY ZONE and NIGHT ZONE collections, all Martini's work involves excellent planning, detailed customisation and the most advanced technology, to skillfully combine warm and evocative atmospheres with ergonomics and practicality


The craftsmanship is intertwined with a wide range of equipment that allows the interior space to be organised practically and flexibly , responding to the different needs of everyday life. Every piece of furniture is treated in detail from the beginning to the finish, the most delicate part of the whole process, which precedes the covering of wood and panels with a thin film of varnish. The purpose of this delicate and sophisticated processing is to make the wood homogeneous, brighter and more colourful.


The quality, uniqueness and material and aesthetic richness of Martini's interiors , is shaped by the experience and craftsmanship reserved for each product right from the selection of raw materials. Specialised in fine craftsmanship, Martini selects solid wood to guarantee perfect homogeneity of colour and grain, selecting only boards from plantations with controlled deforestation. This means that blockboard and multilayer panels are carefully controlled to ensure optimum strength and resistance, which is significantly higher than that of conventional chipboard.


IDW Italia has always been a retailer of classy, quality furniture collections, selected from among the best brands on the market to guarantee fine products with an unmistakable design. To pursue this philosophy, we are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Martini Italian Luxury Interiors, a historic company that is a leader in the luxury home furnishing sector, capable of giving shape to elegant and precious interiors, customising the project right from the raw materials. Martini specialises in the design of luxury interiors, which stand out in the Italian market and worldwide for their design and quality.


Martini's solutions for furniture, kitchens, living and sleeping areas are all collected in the catalogues of the collections, designed to convey in a detailed and exhaustive way the structural and qualitative richness offered by the company. 
IDW Italia is a Martini dealer partner in the luxury showroom in Prague at Bolzanova 1678/5