Rooms and lockers

Rooms and lockers

Since 1960 Fratelli Cenedese has been creating furniture which is distinguished by its fine execution and finishes. Their skilled craftsmen produce cupboards and bedrooms which are much admired; striking in the precision of construction and extraordinary finishes......unique pieces, created from a deep passion for traditional craftsmanship.

Tagliabue Interior Design has been providing perfect furniture for your home, for over 40 years: kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture and children's bedrooms. The company's objective is to guarantee competitive products and quality, in order to create personalized bedrooms. Come and discover our showroom.

Cinquanta3 originated in response to the trends and demands of contemporary life, our search for functional and flexible solutions, which organise and contain, define and interpret the space of our daily lives. A new furnishing system which gives you maximum freedom of composition and modularity, neutral tones, the customization of space and a wide range of accessories and versatile products.

Mab originated in 1962 and gains inspiration from a conception of wellbeing which includes all the spaces we occupy in our home. The best designs originate from the artisan's knowledge, single elements, which give full value to the care and attention of their crafting and the most advanced safety and flexibility of use.

Today Novamobili distinguishes itself in the world of interior design due to its modular systems, inspiring personal interpretations of domestic life, designing furniture which defines new rules for constructing space around the objects which you desire to have near you. At the centre of its philosophy are the values of modularity, flexibility and transversality, a clear expression of a tradition of craftsmanship which continues even in technologically advanced companies which are open to the challenges of the future.

Pianca Spa is a well-established company producing home furniture systems for both day and night areas. Originating from the solid tradition of Venetian cabinet-making, from the age-old carpenter's workshop to the most advanced technology, to offer the best functional and design products on the market; the best guarantee being customer loyalty.

Design furniture for children's and teenagers' bedrooms. The collection of bedrooms from Mistral expresses a new aesthetic concept also in its careful selection of materials and finishes. It will be possible to combine the materiality of melamine and coloured melamine, with crome and lacquered colour, with a wide choice of material and eco-leather. A new dynamism is coming into the world of children's bedrooms.

In Jesse the value of Made in Italy is united with a distinctly international spirit. 100% of production is in Italy, but inspiration comes from European and international metropolises. Special attention is paid to care, elegance and modernity, which are the foundations of the continual growth of this company, which also chooses to be international in its distribution.