Ideas to furnish your home with a touch of personality



To be able to create our own stylistic identity, we should learn to understand what our tastes really are. An idea could be to think simultaneously about what you want and what we really don't like, perhaps creating two folders on your PC, in which to save many images of furniture, with, on the one hand, what you like very much and, on the other hand, everything you would never put in your home.

The most common method remains the classic "pen and paper", on which to write down the various reflections relating to your tastes, perhaps, why not, with the amusing help of a person who knows you well!



The choice of colors is of great importance to create an environment that reflects, first of all, your way of being and, above all, that gives us a feeling of well-being and serenity, putting us in a good mood. It is therefore not only a way to represent our personality, but also to create a harmonious and coherent home with the life you want to live.



Are you a collector? Do you love to keep unique pieces, perhaps found on the antiques market? Are you passionate about comics and books? Do you love contact with nature?

Why keep this personality explosion hidden? Our dispassionate advice is to show the plants, collections, artifacts you care about most, equipping yourself with showcases, shelves or furniture with functional spaces to be able to display them at their best.

If you are, on the other hand, introverted, stressed or anxious people, perhaps it would be advisable to select only some of your collections, in order to avoid creating excessive visual chaos, which destabilizes your emotional peace. Alternatively, you could think of a living room with beautiful paintings, perhaps even made by you, and a fireplace that conveys calm and warmth.




Although you decide to entrust the furnishing of your home to a specialized shop with professionals ready to help you meet your every need, always remember to give a personalized style to your furniture by introducing some characteristic object, perhaps purchased during a trip out of town.

It is enough to always keep in mind what are the trends of today: are you more traditionalist or conservative? Why not give vent to your way of being?

Combine various objects, of the different styles that you are most passionate about, such as a vintage armchair and a modern design coffee table, and create a unique and characteristic style that represents you as much as possible.

It is important that you feel comfortable with everything around you, in order to safeguard your psychophysical well-being, even if not everything in the house will have the same shape or, rather than, the same material and finish.



The sweet arrival of a baby in your home? Consider that the environments must also respect the different needs of your child during the growth and development process and that these needs will change constantly.

Moreover, in the course of life, with the passage of time, in addition to needs, our tastes and ideas, at times, are transformed.

Based on this, it would be good to choose a house, which has the possibility to adapt to change, perhaps by modifying the functionality of the interior spaces and totally changing some items, which however can adapt harmoniously to many things already present in your home.