1. Change of air often and organization "room by room"

In the winter period, some of us, with the excuse of the cold, tend to very little air the domestic environments, which leads to the formation of mites and molds, dangerous for our health. That's why, even if we should strive to do it all year round, the arrival of spring provides as a primary rule, the opening of the windows in all areas of our home, for at least one hour a day.

Furthermore, in order to avoid going crazy, struggling until the last moment for having forgotten some fundamental matters, we try to proceed room by room, in an orderly and organized manner.


2. Changing or tidying up the wardrobe

As we well know, every year our wardrobes often accumulate unused or have run their course, therefore, to avoid finding ourselves overwhelmed with completely useless clothes, which take up a lot of space, we have to proceed with the revision of our wardrobes and, for those who are used to it and usually organize themselves in this way, possibly proceeding with the famous change of season.


3. Decluttering

Although it may be a constant dilemma for accumulators, eliminating everything that is superfluous is the basis of an excellent spring cleaning. By eliminating, we certainly do not mean throwing away everything unused that is part of our home, but trying to minimize all the useless things that we accumulate from year to year and which can give life to a messy environment and, consequently, to a chaotic atmosphere devoid of well-being, possibly giving them away, recycling them or opting for charity, thus doing good both to others and to ourselves.

4.Wipe off the dust everywhere

Of fundamental importance, is the thorough removal of dust in every tiny corner of the house: starting from the walls and ceilings, proceeding with chandeliers, beams - for those who have an attic ceiling or in any case with exposed beams -, radiators, skirting boards, tall furniture, shelves, doors, handles, exterior and interior of all wardrobes, showcases and compartments in the house, stair handrails, and so on.


5.Curtains and glass

Clean glass, in addition to being pleasant to look at, allows the sun's rays to penetrate more into our environments.

Washing the curtains is certainly not of minor importance, as they accumulate a lot of dust which, without washing them, would continue to move around the house. However, although it may be a long job to carry out, if the fabric of the curtains allows it, we could think of washing them by adding long-lasting essential oils during washing, and hanging them directly when wet, so that they iron automatically thanks to the weight and to the fabric still damp, so as to optimize the timing of our spring cleaning.


6. Carpets, sofas and beds

The same discourse of the curtains also concerns the carpets, the fabrics of the sofas, even better if they have removable covers, and our mattresses, obviously without forgetting the structure of our bed. If you don't have the right tools to sanitize these elements, you could contact the facilities that take care of them, so as to also save time to proceed with other cleaning in the meantime.


7.Wash duvets, blankets, jackets and shoes

With the excuse of spring cleaning, it would be advisable to think about bringing to wash or, if our washing machine is large enough to contain them, washing heavy things, such as the various duvets and winter blankets, without forgetting, however, also the jackets and shoes , so as to thoroughly sanitize every element that enters and leaves our homes.

8. Thoroughly clean the kitchen

In spring cleaning, we should pay particular attention to the kitchen environment, trying to sanitize and tidy up parts of it that we do not take into account at all times, such as defrosting and cleaning the fridge and freezer, cleaning the cabinets (inside and outside), disinfecting at the bottom of the oven, microwave oven and smaller appliances, degrease the kitchen hood thoroughly, changing the filter and all the surfaces in our culinary area if necessary.


9. Fixtures, shutters and balconies

Once everything concerning the interior of our homes has been cleaned, to do a complete spring cleaning, we should also think of moving towards the outside, also cleaning the shutters / blinds and balconies, complete with railings. The greater the maintenance of these elements, the longer their duration will be.


10. External stairs, cellar and garage

Finally, let's not forget to give an overhaul, as well as to the external stairs, if present, also to the cellar and garage areas, trying to eliminate, also in this case, the objects in accumulation and giving a dusting to the shelves and floors, so as to avoid