At Idw Italia in Biella we have furniture for all your office requirements: task and executive chairs, sofas and armchairs for waiting rooms, tables, desks and shelves. Design solutions for traditional or contemporary offices.

Creating furniture collections for modern, functional offices, researching precious materials and innovations and giving value to Made in Italy to preserve character and originality: this is the philosophy of About Office, a company which is unique in its wide choice of collections, its attention to detail and its technical skill in the creation of office furniture.

Caimi products are easily recognizable from their technical appearance; linear and at the same time essential and refined. They fully interpret the concept of industrial design, integrating form and function with a vision of serial reproducibility, based on values of modularity, versatility, flexibility and a skillful use of materials.

The availability, quality and professionalism which distinguish popular brands of furniture, are all evident in the success of the Colombini Group, nationally and internationally. Design solutions for all types of offices which satisfy style, budget, logistical and functional requirements of demanding clients.

The company originated in 1970 with the objective of developing and producing chairs and armchairs for offices; stackable chairs, benches, sofas for waiting areas and stackable tables, all evolving from tecnological research and ergonomics. The final result is avantguarde products, in terms of design and functionality, which fit perfectly into an office environment.