Doors and security doors


Internal doors, front doors and security doors; Idw Italia in Biella has a vast range of products coming from its design partners. Wood, aluminium or glass, with customized finishes, characterize our selection all for the security and elegance of your home.

At the foot of the Monviso, AIP has been producing doors for the past 35 years. These authentic, yet modern products, which enrich spaces with substance, class and design, are found in homes all over Italy. The objective which has always driven both the company's development and the production process, is to make doors which last. Passion for quality, experience acquired in the field, professionalism and the skill of the AIP's craftsmen result in doors of maximum reliability.

Astor Mobili has the most advanced production plants in the industry and specializes in making doors for interiors with designs in wood, aluminium or lacquered wood and other furniture. Design and formal, flexible research are the essence of Astor's collections, which use wood, aluminium and glass to create a harmonious continuum. Doors become unique solutions characterized by sartorial personalization, breaking through the confines of “home design” and moving into the hotel, office and contract sectors.

Stark originated in 1994, to answer families' increasing worries about security. Stark's speciality has always been mechanical work: the principal production processes metal parts shell, frame and subframe. All STARK security doors are certifed according to European standards of burglar resistance, classifed according to the grade of resistance to break in.