Aeg is a producer of electrical appliances, originally German, but now part of the Swedish group Electrolux. Avantguarde eletrical appliances for use in the kitchen and for washing, with an excellent guarantee of assistance and repair.

For more than 100 years, Electrolux appliances have inspired great achievements in the realms of food and design, from the world's leading restaurants to your own kitchen. Eletrolux develops appliances for cooking, treating textiles and cleaning and we use them to design your kitchen, always thinking both of you and the environment.

If you can feel a new, captivating, positive atmosphere in the world of kitchens, it is due to Falmec; an Italian company which has become an international reference point for quality, innovation, design and sustainability. Multiform designs transform life in the kitchen.......exclusive technology, high quality materials and aesthetic emotions.

Franke is a world leader in supplying products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms and also for restaurants, coffee preparation and for products and solutions for public bathrooms. The group is made up of four companies with a head office in Switzerland and the designs are not only functional, but also entertaining; trust Franke to give you interiors to enjoy in comfort.

Schock is the company which invented the granite sink and it gives a touch of artistic flair and glamour to kitchens with its polished finishes. For more than 35 years, Schock has been the leading international producer, with over 90 patents and products with unique characteristics, such as the NanoClean effect which is 100% antibacterial.

Dunavox is one of the most innovative producers of wine coolers in the world of wine. A clear market vision, slim organizational structure and powerful sales and technical assistance network means that Dunavox can offer our clients a vast range of high quality products, at very competitive prices, products which are in continual evolution.

Question your life, break with the present, to make space for new ideas: this avantguarde philosophy emerges in all our products and is the foundation of Gaggenau's most important principles: authenticity, professionalism, pure and essential forms, high functionality, a high standard of efficiency, low energy consumption and excellent performance.

World leader in the production of quality eletrical appliances. From cooking to food preservation, from laundry to dishwashers, the finest design and the most advanced technology to guarantee the best on the market also intuitivity and technology in the new App, to program your applianes when you are not at home.

Producing eletrical appliances in Italy means making applicances which last and are easy to use, reliable, technologically advanced and designed and treated with care. It means offering a vast range of solutions, always moving towards a global conception of electrical appliances for kitchens.

Samsung opens the doors to a new home, where the most advanced technology adapts easily to every need; an efficient home which works silently around us and at the same time keeps pace with the rhythms of our daily life, allowing us to optimize our time and obtain optimum results.

The excellence of Blanco's manufacturing process, high quality materials and extraordinary design result in striking sinks and taps. Blanco has produced highly regarded technical solutions for kitchens since 1925. Today, Blanco taps, sinks and recycling systems are synonymous with the highest quality, functionality, aesthetics and professionalism, in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Cooking is a magic alchemy, which gives life to the finest culinary creations; a fine balance between time and ingredients. For this reason, Neff ovens and hobs, with their exclusive functions, meet the requirements of even the most demanding chefs so you can navigate between thousands of recipes.

Present in Italy since 1961, Miele Italia S.r.l. Offers its clients the highest level of quality and efficiency. Finding the combination of electrical appliances which meets your specific requirements is the challenge for this company, which aims to retain its premium market position.

Siemens electrical appliances are convincing because of their seductive design, avantguarde engineering, pioneering innovations and extreme flexibility. The innovative functions of these appliances do not only perform perfectly, but also simplify our lives; there is a wide range of products which adapt to all requirements.

Faber originated in 1955, specialising in plastics and synthetic resins. From 1958 Faber dedicated itself to the production of cooker hoods, creating the first plexiglass model. The area around the town of Fabriano where the hoods are produced has become known as the “Fabrianese zone of the cooker hood”. Faber is present in 3 continents, with production in 7 countries and is one of the biggest cooker hood producers in the world.

Throughout the world Elica is synonymous with efficiency, innovation and design, in the production of cooker hoods. In 37 years more than 53 million families all over the world have chosen Elica products to ensure good air quality in their kitchen. Tèchne hoods, efficient and soundless, have a suction capacity of over 700m³/h and very low levels of noise.

Hotpoint electrical appliances are ergonomic, soundless, intuitive, safe and offer intelligent solutions and maximum comfort in every room. A subtle and refined style, ecological sensitivity and a constant search for quality and innovation: Hotpoint electrical appliances for washing and caring for your clothes, cleaning dishes, preserving food and cooking, fully interpret the unique personality of every home and every interior.

Indesit is a world of efficiency, reliability and functionality; choose the best solutions for the electrical appliances in your home. Attention to detail, original design, customized technological solutions for different markets, a guarantee for the future: with this productive philosophy, Indesit proposes its built-in solutions to national and international clients.