The oldest ceramic production in Europe; inherited tradition and contemporary technology means that Jika can provide a wide choice of colour and finish, with quality design and style. Sophisticated solutions for a bathroom, which mirror the requirements of the occupant. For Jika, a bathroom is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with colour and style.

Alice Ceramica is a new brand in the world of bathroom design. Designing and producing bathroom fixtures in ceramic, is Alice's mission a complicated mission when you want to innovate, experiment and propose new solutions and an original approach. A young, flexible, dynamic company which believes in exploring space, also in relation to the most intimate and personal space in the home; the bathroom.

A continual search for novelty and knowing that you are constantly evolving, in accordance with the diverse requirements of the market, means that you are constantly developing new designs for washbasins, which become part of the extremely wide range on the market, a range which becomes steadily more extensive. Scarabeo's philosophy is that the washbasin becomes the protagonist of the bathroom and they constantly study new lines and models to satisfy a demanding market and choose to focus on quality and the unique character of their products, rather than on quantity.

Esedra has always stood for quality bathroom design: rounded lines, wide washbasins and functional elements, such as small raised edges to prevent leakage. Simplicity is an enduring value and helping people create their ideal bathroom is Esedra's duty every day.

Laufen is a Swiss brand synonymous with precision, quality, design and sustainability. It has great expertise in both the creation of bathrooms and in ceramic production and sophisticated design. Laufen's products are immediately unique because their Swiss design integrates two important design trends; emotional Italian design from southern Europe and the Nordic tradition of precision and light.