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We design emotions

Designing is daydreaming

Creativity is combined with experience, passion and the extreme search for perfection to give life to furniture projects with an exclusive design.
In addition to the selection of the best brands of which we are reseller partners, the heart of IDW Italia pulsates with projects, sometimes massive. Starting from the construction of private homes to best accommodate everyday life, to the most modern and design office, without neglecting more essential spaces such as hotels, restaurants, conference rooms and bars.
Studying the environment, imagining its transformation, designing it and giving it shape in the best way: this is the essence of the work we do with the attention to detail innate in the Italian way of thinking.
IDWorld is a selection of our projects carried out in Italy and around the world.
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Some videos of our realisations
Kitchen in Luxembourg
Hotel bathroom in Nigeria
Office in Italy

Hotel bathroom in Nigeria


The project is the recipe for every classy kitchen.

The kitchen is the most lived-in place in the house, that space that: welcomes families and friends, from morning milk and biscuits to evening digestive herbal tea; it turns into the battlefield to discover the best recipes, as well as in the setting of intimate convivial occasions. 
The moment in which you buy a kitchen, or decide to renovate it, should not, therefore, be left to chance. IDW Italia knows how important it is to convey the concepts of practicality, flexibility and functionality in this space, obviously without neglecting the design and stylistic needs: a good hob, a broad base for kneading pizza or supporting shopping, efficient appliances and a designer hood that keeps the environment cool.
Space must be designed down to the smallest detail, with the awareness that the quality of our kitchen partners will complete everything with unmistakable style and elegance.

We design every aspect of the house, from the floors to the lighting and of course the furnishings with the attention to detail typical of Italian taste