Books never go out of fashion. They are a wonderful interior design element, but you should know how to enhance them with the right bookshelves.

The digital transformation has changed many things, but despite the change from paper books to e-books, bookshelves have not yet lost their charm.

Displaying books is still an interior design solution, perfect for any home, from a studio apartment to a big house.

Bookshelves should be chosen according to your requirements, the space available and the room in which they will be positioned.

  • Look carefully at the shape and size of your interior.  If it helps, draw a little map so that you have the space available clear in your mind.
  • Make a selection of the books you would like to display, the books that you don’t want to display and in general, all the material you would like to put on your bookshelves.
  • Choose a style, or at least colours, that fit best with the rest of the furniture.

Once you have decided, proceed with the choice of bookshelves.

There are many types of bookshelves: suspended, standing against the wall, on the floor and many others; for this reason, to better understand all the types, we will show you some examples from Novamobili.