We don't usually give much importance to our entrance but this is like your business card and you shouldn't ignore it. Let's look together at how to do it best.

The entrance to your home is like your business card. You could say that it is the first manifestation of your personality which will then be revealed and developed in the rest of your home. This is why it is important to choose the right furniture and accessories.

What are the essential elements of an entrance?
An entrance is made up of different elements;  you mustn't forget a coat stand, a form of seating, mirrors and design lamps.

The coat stand is indispensable, but be careful not to transform your entrance into a showroom for your coats. Together with the coat stand, some form of seating is an essential component of your entrance...and for the finishing touch, use mirrors and lights to the best effect, for example if you have a small entrance, these could make the space seem larger.

Let's see how to use these accessories with some examples.