Space-saving furniture and solutions to furnish a small apartment


Having little space does not necessarily mean having to give up design. With a little creativity and a few tricks, even the smallest space can be organized in an optimal and tasteful way.


Before focusing on the furniture, let's start by listing the "optical illusions" that can be used to make rooms appear more spacious:

Light colors on the walls, on the ceiling and in the choice of coverings

Of course, white is the color par excellence that gives the optical impression that an object is larger, but this does not exclude the use of many other nuances on the color scale from the warmest such as beige to the coldest such as pastel blue. .

It does not penalize the choice of a darker color on the wall to delimit one area over another as long as it constitutes a small part of the surface, which can be avoided by opting instead for a different covering in the flooring.

The tactic of mirrors

Placing mirrors in the room is an excellent idea to give an idea of ​​the continuity of the environment rather than finding a wall that delimits the area.

The mezzanine

It would seem an obvious choice, but where possible, if the height of the accommodation allows it, it always remains a valid solution to exploit the space vertically and, if used as a sleeping area, it remains a fixed solution compared to the sofa bed, which can be pulled out and closed again daily basis.

Transparent dividing walls

If the open space is not your thing and if you need to divide one area with respect to another, the advice is to opt for glass walls, plexiglass or a light curtain that lets the light through



During the renovation it is good to take into account the importance of lighting but the arrangement of the light sources cannot always be chosen. Sometimes an existing structure has windows that are not optimally arranged or not large enough. In this case it can be avoided with very thin curtains that do not hinder the passage of daylight or with the aforementioned mirrors to reflect the light in every corner of the house.


Once all the techniques necessary to define environments have been adopted more efficiently, let's move on to examining which furnishing solutions are best suited to furnish a studio apartment without making the already small space too heavy.


Drop-leaf furniture

Anything that can be extensible but resealable, concealed and built-in is certainly a panacea.

It is not always possible to commission custom-made wardrobes, certainly the most effective and simple choice in terms of personalization and optimization of spaces, but also more expensive. There are therefore space-saving modular solutions on the market ranging from the folding bed (it looks like a wardrobe in the living area from which the bed is extracted when it's time to rest), to the living room table that turns into a console and even into a dining table. thanks to the various sizes available. These are just two examples of the amount of innovations in interior design for small spaces.


Kitchen with island

Even if you are mistakenly convinced that the island is only suitable for immense kitchens, in reality it is excellent for concentrating everything you need in a single counter, sink and kitchenette on one side and worktop / dining table with stools on the other:  it delimits the kitchen area from the rest of the house and avoids the use of a cumbersome table with chairs.


Living room with compartments

Go too far with drawers, shelves, built-in wardrobes with lots of compartments to store things and always keep everything in order.

Inside the wardrobes, under the bed, the drawers are versatile and also very useful, you can also insert them in the steps leading to the mezzanine or you can add a bench with containers under the window that will also give a comfortable reading area with some pillow


The bathroom was small but comfortable

When it comes to a small bathroom in a cramped space, you don't have much choice but to opt for minimal furniture. An excellent idea to gain space is to remove the bidet and insert the wall shower, an innovation proposed by many tapware brands in recent years.