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  • 5 tips for choosing the ideal bed
    8/05/2022 5 tips for choosing the ideal bed

    The choice of the ideal bed is undoubtedly of great importance to be able to find the right solution that allows us to sleep comfortably and peacefully, this is because, on average, 1/3 of our existence is destined for rest. Furthermore, its design takes on a double value: aesthetic and practical, that is, not only beautiful, but also comfortable.In order to be able to choose the bed that best suits your needs, we would like to suggest some useful tips in this article!

  • How to furnish with mirrors
    7/29/2022 How to furnish with mirrors

    For those who love their home very much and love to live it fully, being on the lookout for ways to characterize it according to their personality is, without a doubt, a constant. Furnishing with mirrors is a rather original solution to adorn our home with style and imagination, thanks also to the large range proposed to date. Furthermore, in addition to becoming the focal point of an environment and increasing its brightness, this type of decoration is really very simple and not excessively expensive. Let's see together some possible ideas to give a chic and captivating touch to our homes!

  • Interior trends 2022
    7/22/2022 Interior trends 2022

    Are you in the process of making changes? Do you want to change the style of your home? In this article, we have collected for you some tips and ideas on the furniture trends of 2022: from the style, to the materials, to the hottest colors, ideal for the various rooms of your home. Surely, in the surrender trends of this year, there is a new air, characterized by a relaxing, natural and convivial atmosphere, full of design details in perfect style!

  • Ideas for choosing the internal staircase
    7/15/2022 Ideas for choosing the internal staircase

    The stairs for interiors are an architectural element of fundamental importance for connecting surfaces that are at different heights. They intensely define the character of the domestic space, so it would be good to evaluate the most suitable style for our environment, through the choice of shape, color, position and material. Structures to reach a mezzanine, stairs between two levels of a house or small "bridges" to reach a terrace, can take on a leading role or blend in with the surrounding environment. In this blog, we have selected for you some possible ideas to evaluate for choosing your ideal staircase!

  • Furnish your house in total white
    7/08/2022 Furnish your house in total white

    Furnishing in total white is a valid solution to be able to create a modern, sophisticated and elegant home decor. This style is obviously characterized by the white color, which can be used in any space and object in the house, from furniture to accessories, from chandeliers to fixtures. Let's see together, in this blog, some tips and advice on how to use white, exploiting its strengths, without running into mistakes and disappointments.

  • Ideas for the coffee table
    6/24/2022 Ideas for the coffee table

    One of the environments that acts most as a business card, in our homes, is the living area: it must be a harmonious and comfortable place, since it represents the ideal place to relax with loved ones or in the company of a good book.One of the most famous furnishings in the living room is the coffee table, which must be in perfect harmony with the rest of the accessories. It plays a central role in our living room and is often also used as a support for our design lamp, books, TV remote controls and any cups and glasses, in the small moments of break.Take a look at some of the aspects to take into consideration, in order to be able to choose our model coffee table!

  • Working from home? Ideas for creating an office space
    6/17/2022 Working from home? Ideas for creating an office space

    In a society in constant evolution and progress, furnishing a home studio has become a necessity; in fact, more and more people work from home and therefore feel the need to create a dedicated and suitable environment, as much as possible, to their working needs. In this post, we will discover together some possible solutions and some tips, which could be useful to meet your needs, respecting your preferences.

  • Ideas and advice on how to light up our homes
    6/10/2022 Ideas and advice on how to light up our homes

    One of the most complex topics we encounter when we are furnishing the house is how to illuminate the rooms of our home. The choice of the type of lighting, the number and position of our lighting systems, are elements that strongly affect the atmosphere of a home.

  • How to furnish the ideal room for teenagers
    6/03/2022 How to furnish the ideal room for teenagers

    For a teenager, their room represents a personal space in which to take refuge, but not only: it is much more than just a room, as it reflects the character of each of them, in an age characterized by constant changes and conflicting feelings. Therefore, being able to find the solution par excellence is far from simple, but with the right tricks, we can still furnish their room in a functional way.Let's examine some possible solutions together in this article.