Between one piece of furniture and another, there are often vertical spaces that are difficult to fill, let's see some ideas together.

Sometimes changing direction is good, looking at things always in the same order can limit our lateral thinking and in the world of interior design, this just can't happen!

Today we try to change perspective and concentrate on the choice of furniture and accessories that serve to enrich our home with functionality, practicality but above all personality.

We are not referring to those pieces of furniture that inevitably develop horizontally, such as the bed or the sofa and for how nice and fun it would be to try to sleep on a wall bed, our attention today goes to all the spaces of the house that between one piece of furniture and the other they remain empty and develop vertically.

How to use the vertical space of an apartment?

There are many alternatives available: paintings, photos, narrow and long bookcases, mirrors, lamps.

In the photos below you see some examples.