Modern life is frenetic there is never a minute to relax. Fortunately for us, modern technology has given us all sorts of appliances which make our lives easier and save us time and energy. This is why we are talking to you today about kitchen technology and design.

Your kitchen is no longer simply a functional area, but the centre of domestic life, where our relationships grow and where we socialize. The modern kitchen will be an interconnected, multi-functional, professional, but also simple and emotional environment.

EuroCucina is returning to the Salone del Mobile this year, with its stage dedicated to high quality kitchens. This is their 22nd exhibition and they provide, more and more precisely, the innovative solutions to the interest that this area continues to arouse. This is also thanks also to the contribution of FTK - Technology For the Kitchen, an event which takes place alongside the Salone del Mobile and is dedicated to built in domestic appliances and their evolution.