How to optimally divide the baby's room


Deciding the ideal accommodation for your children is very difficult, especially for the most inexperienced mothers because they are experiencing their first pregnancy. Many choose to keep the baby with them during the nights, in the double bed or simply by placing the cot with the sides in their bedroom, and those who set up a bedroom all for the child that they will be able to exploit from the earliest times.


Do not worry, there is no correct solution, everything is at your discretion, and whatever it is, sooner or later the child will have to get used to a space of his own as it naturally is. So, having said that, let's see how to efficiently arrange the bedroom furniture.


The optimal division of the environment (if you have the necessary space) is in four areas:

  • Sleeping area
  • Exchange area
  • Play area
  • Accessories / wardrobe area

Sleeping area

Let's start with the area entirely dedicated to naps which, as we have anticipated, can be located in the master bedroom or in the child's bedroom and which provides for the insertion of a cot. Let's see the types that you can evaluate during your choice:

Mini-cradles for co-sleeping: if you opt for the cot next to you while this type of cradle is excellent, you can place it near the bed at the height of the mattress to have the baby close during the night.

 Traditional cradles: the charm of the classic wooden or wicker cradle, with or without rocking, remains a timeless solution

Convertible bed that can also be used as the child grows

Whatever type you choose does not matter, the only essential indication is not to place the bed too close to heat sources such as a radiator or direct air sources such as an air conditioner or a window current. In general, the temperature must be mild, not too hot, not too cold (to be precise, the ideal would be a constant level of 21 ° -22 °) and the environment must be adequately humidified to ensure correct breathing of the baby.

Changing area

If with the cot you can make do with the co-sleeping at the changing table you cannot escape. It is an essential element and when choosing what must be crucial is the safety of the child, together with the comfort of the furniture. Precisely with regard to safety it is necessary to point out that a mattress with raised sides is strongly recommended to avoid falls during the movements of the little one, as we know, it is very rare that they stay still and immobile during the change. Diapers, wipes, products such as anti-redness cream, talcum powder and various products cannot be missing near the changing table. There are those who prefer to use a chest of drawers or a table as a support but obviously if it is possible it would be better to have a dedicated piece of furniture, in which to store the items listed above. Some types of changing tables require the insertion of a tray under the support surface which, once removed, transforms the structure into a convenient support for the baby bath. Also in this case the positioning is to be chosen according to the needs, there are those who place the changing table in the bathroom because it is more convenient for cleaning and to avoid water and liquid spills on the bedroom floor (perhaps in wood).

Leisure area

Children need to interact with the world around them, every stimulus is important for proper development. It is important to obtain a space entirely dedicated to games (and instruments such as the classic gym or the musical bouncer) with soft carpets on which to be able to comfortably sit, in short, a safe space entirely dedicated to the child to be able to devote himself to discovery.

The wardrobe

We suggest that you immediately take a large wardrobe so that you can fill it with the baby's clothes present at the time of birth and with the future ones… and there will be many.

Not to forget that a part is definitely to be allocated to the blankets, quilts and sheets of the cot and baby towels.

For infallible order and practicality, it would be better to equip the wardrobe with dividers, containers, drawers and shelves.

Well, let's say that we have seen the survival kit together in this article, but we wish you to find the most optimal accommodation for you and your child and in the meantime, we hope that these little tips have served as a starting point to integrate all the necessary in the project and enrich the bedroom with furnishings and decorations to your liking.