Spring is in the air... freedom!!!


When you are lucky enough to have outside space, a patio or lawn, you must find the best way to organize and furnish it. In both summer and winter, if well-arranged, your garden can become an extension of your house, a space to use to the full, to spend romantic evenings, pleasant sunny days with friends or relaxing moments alone.

How do you furnish a garden in a practical and functional way? How do you enhance the space and make it welcoming without sacrificing elegance and style? Here is some advice to give you inspiration, creative ideas to furnish your garden and personalize it in your own style.

An exotic area to relax. Spending time outside relaxing under a pergola; rocking chairs and hammocks are ideal when you want to completely unwind, with cushions and throws for maximum comfort and warmth in the evening under the stars and some low tables to place a cool drink or a good book cacti and large exotic flowers to give a touch of colour settle back and enjoy your Mexican siesta!

Finding peace again in a zen garden. A gazebo or tent is an ideal canopy for a zen area, where you can completely unwind. Inside, you can create a small Japanese garden, bordered by stones or small vases and with bonsai and macrobonsai which inspire calm and tranquility: the perfect place to relax, meditate and contemplate nature, lying on a chaise longue, during the day or in the evening, sheltered by a warm outdoor ceiling.

Flora but with style! A wonderful idea for a garden is to create a mini garden with vases and flowerpots arranged artistically, a delightful space to plant perfumed mediterranean shrubs or tropical plants. If there is enough space, you can create vertical gardens with étagère and platforms, structures that can hold all types of plants: from aromatic to climbing. Vertical flowerpots and étagére are also wonderful dividers of space, ideal for separating small areas of the garden. If instead you enjoy growing vegetables, you could even think about a greenhouse.

Al fresco eating in comfort and elegance. A garden must have a dining area: a large table, comfortabe chairs and wide benches are ideal furnishing for an elegant and refined space you simply need to choose them according to your taste and everything is ready! Furniture in white or natural wood, in cast iron or resistant synthetic fibre: there are infinite ideas for furnishing your garden. Is simply a table and chairs enough? Certainly not! Don't forget coloured cushions, an umbrella to protect you from dazzling summer sunlight and of course, a barbecue, the real protagonist of an al fresco party!

Lighting is everything! Also in the garden a good lighting system can really create a warm atmosphere after dark. To highlight special, charming, intimate areas, such as the zen garden or the siesta space, there must be lanterns: large or small, arranged on the grass between the hammocks, tables and chaise longue, they generate a warm, diffused light, inspiring relaxation or romanticism! Spotlights or hanging lights are perfect for illuminating the table from above during al fresco dinners and of course the finishing touch lots and lots of candles!