Large tables, impressive effect


When thinking about acquiring a table, the first question to ask yourself is: where will it be positioned? The shape of the room and the position of the table inside it are the things to keep in mind when choosing the right model: if it will be against a wall, a rectangular table is preferable. Wheras, in a corner, a round or square table is more suitable. For each person seated around the table, there must be 40cm depth, 50-60cm width and 70/80cm around the chair. For table linen, place mats and runners, rectangular or square table tops are preferred, and the chairs? Another difficult subject. The comfort factor comes from the shape of the seat, which should be curved at the front and also slightly higher at the front than at the back. The seatback should have a little elasticity and oscillate to some degree. Not only should it slope lightly backwards, so as not to “cut” the seater's back, but it should also be higher than 30cm. One also needs to consider the table/chair relationship: a table top is about 73cm from the ground and a chair should be about 45. You never would have imagined that choosing a chair would be this complicated!

So, lets go back to tables and today we want to talk specifically about large tables; tables that give a room character. Large tables evoke a convivial atmostphere; you can invite guests for dinner and everyone is comfortably seated. Large tabletops are usually two metres long and often over two metres. These are models designed for large families and also for people who enjoy entertaining guests or who simply want an impressive dining area. Large tables – to get the best effect – should be positioned in the centre of a room, accompanied by the correct lighting (one or two suspensions, depending on the length of the tabletop) and possibly with an attractive decoration on the end wall, for example wallpaper. Another important detail, obviously, is the choice of chairs; these should complement the table, but also other elements in the room. A large table can also have other functions: maxi tables are not only used for meals, but as a multi-functional worktop in an office area.

A large tabletop is ideally accompanied by a muted and essential design or sculptured lines, also reflected in the base, with cross legs, in metal and also in a lacquered finish (in steel, aluminium and iron). Tabletops are in wood (the majority in oak) with knots and imperfections which become precious details, or with special finishes which give a sense of sought-after elegance. Transparent crystal is another option which makes the table almost “invisible” and there is also the elegant and decorative veining of marble. So, if you decide on a large table, we suggest you take a look at Living di Riflessi. This is a tactile table, characterized by the two sloping legs which overlap asymmetrically, in steel, varnished opaque white, graphite or corten or a stone covering, in sandstone, river grey or arabik. Available in a fixed length or extenable, this table will uniquely characterize your living room and your friends and relatives will be amazed by the effect and you can all sit down together for unforgettable dining and entertainment!

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