Eight glass and crystal tables by Bontempi Casa not to be missed


There is no doubt about it: the crystal table is one of the few furniture pieces that has not lost its charm over time. 

Like all tables, crystal tables come in different shapes, from the more traditional square and rectangular to the sophisticated round and oval. The structure also varies from model to model, and over time designers have begun to exploit the transparency of the top to create real sculptures.

We have selected the best glass and crystal tables by Bontempi Casa and decided to show them to you here.

Fusion table

It is produced with the following tops: round, elliptical, barrel and of course in the traditional rectangular shape, in large sizes and with a metal ring frame. A great eye-catcher for your dining room.

Although the glass table is not one of the latest interior design discoveries, we can see that this model is still very much in vogue.

Millenium table

You can see it shown in the variant with the round top, which tells us its shape even before seeing it, but it can be made in all the previous model forms. It stands out precisely because of its circular base and lacquered steel structure.

As we have already said, the glass's transparency allows us to see the structure in all its being, and we can't help but imagine this table in a small industrial-style loft, where metal and geometric shapes are the masters.

The large size of the rectangular version fits well in a large room, here too our advice is to leave the table free of tablecloths or runners to emphasise the geometric shape broken up by the table structure. 

Giro table

Over time, the traditional crystal table has been seen and revised to offer increasingly current proposals with personality. This is why Bontempi Casa combines round shapes with the rectangular shape's length to create the Giro table. A round table with a diameter of 130 cm and an extension of 210 cm.

Amusing and ironic, it is an excellent furnishing accessory for a modern home with an irreverent spirit. Even the top, in anti-fingerprint satin crystal, makes this table truly unique in the large category of crystal tables.

Wonder table

This is an extendable table with a synchronised telescopic mechanism that increases the length from 170 cm to 250 cm. The table structure is composed of the classic four lacquered steel legs. The model we are selling in the picture is set in a kitchen with an industrial taste. We can immediately notice that the glass is not transparent; in fact, a satin-finish anti-fingerprint glass has been chosen, perfect for homes where children live.

Sander Outdoor Table

This model takes us straight into the garden at home.

That's right, with time the crystal table has also found other spaces, not just the dining room. Perfect to embellish your days outdoors, the table has a light and slender structure in painted steel, in this way it does not disturb the view and lets you admire and appreciate all the greenery in your garden.

Rames table

We have seen the crystal table positioned in environments other than the more traditional dining room setting; we have seen it in the kitchen and outdoors and now we are showing it to you in the study area. Bontempi Casa proposes the Rames model in a large study, in front of a bookcase.

The atmosphere that is created in such an environment can only stimulate your productivity!

Aron table

So far we have seen crystal tables with a steel or metal frame, now let's move on to a model with a Spessart Oak frame. It is the Aron table, and we can find it in the fixed and extendable versions. Perfect in modern living areas where the dining room and living room are united in a single space, the structure's wood contributes to warming the environment and making it as warm and welcoming as the living room should be.

Wizard Table

Last but not least is the Mago model.

We like this model for its simplicity and essential lines. It's not a bulky or ostentatious model, which is why it is so versatile. You can place it in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and even in the office. As we see in the photo, it is an extendable model, perfect for welcoming your guests at the table with comfort.

Today we have seen the 8 glass and crystal models that you should not miss.

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