Children bedrooms


Idw Italia in Biella has numerous ideas for your children's bedrooms inventing a safe space for their imagination and creativity to flourish so that you can watch them grow, free and happy.

Cinquanta3 originated in response to the trends and demands of contemporary life, our search for functional and flexible solutions, which organise and contain, define and interpret the space of our daily lives. A new furnishing system which gives you maximum freedom of composition and modularity, neutral tones, the customization of space and a wide range of accessories and versatile products.

Design, quality, technology and service are Battistella's mantra; it is a story written by people and sprinkled with winning ideas, designs and formidable challenges, the protagonist being those who made the company a solid and dynamic reality, over half a century.

Design furniture for children's and teenagers' bedrooms. The collection of bedrooms from Mistral expresses a new aesthetic concept also in its careful selection of materials and finishes. It will be possible to combine the materiality of melamine and coloured melamine, with crome and lacquered colour, with a wide choice of material and eco-leather. A new dynamism is coming into the world of children's bedrooms.