Bath furnishings

Bath furnishings

Cerasa's mission is to offer its clients not only designs from exclusive and sophisticated lines, but also enduring, reliable products. There is a two year guarantee for production defects, which demonstrates the high quality standard of development and construction.

Birex production is based on the concept of homemaking, living in interiors where we feel in tune with our environment. Functional and attractive bathrooms with original solutions, which transform our daily tasks into pleasurable moments. In addition, Birex furniture has certification which prooves its quality and efficiency.

Nice bathroom furniture was created in 2010, by four local entrepreneurs with many years of experience in furniture, to bring innovative design solutions and practice to the world of bathroom furniture.

Modular design, maximum personalization, quality of Made in Italy products, guarantee of artisan production, durability and respect for humanity and for the environment; these are the values which make Edonè a quality brand. Seven unique collections of bathroom furniture, an interpretation of excellence, uniting the highest aesthetic expression of design with maximum functionality.

The desire to link utility and and aesthetic sensitivity and celebrate this union in home interiors; this is Karol's mission. Enhancing space, making rooms more engaging, comfort and functionality in a visual conquest which has no equal; you will be captivated by Karol's bathroom furniture.

Designers are always searching to interpret new trends and to gratify different tastes and lifestyles. Care and attention to detail, continual research into materials and innovation in form, constant development of new lines of aesthetic sensitbility; these are the characteristics of Puntotre.