Discover the art of enhancing any environment with the right light without sacrificing design

When it comes to lighting, it is essential to evaluate each room in the house individually to carefully select the light that best suits the space and the activities carried out in it.

It is necessary, first to evaluate the functionality of this furnishing accessories, and then choose from the best aesthetic solutions.


In the kitchen, the right solution is to illuminate the worktop with a series of recessed spotlights or led stripes under the wall units.


Ideal for functionality and design are the pendant lamps, to be placed on the table in your dining room. Choose the right height at which to put them to avoid leaving the rest of the space in the dark or not having enough light at the table.


In the living room, it is ideal for warming the room with a warm and soft light directed upwards or towards exciting elements of the walls, such as shelves or paintings, for revitalizing the environment.

You will not be able to do without a floor lamp that combines functionality and design.


In the bedroom, a central diffused ceiling light will allow you to illuminate the whole room, but to have functional lighting, it cannot be the only one you can rely on.

Having lights in the bedside area will be essential. Remember to apply microswitch lights that turn on automatically when the doors, of your wardrobe, are opened to see better your clothes.


In the bathroom, it is essential to prepare a good light that does not cast shadows on the face where you have placed the sink and mirror.

In order not to leave the rest of the bathroom in the dark, it is important to have a suspended or recessed ceiling light that illuminates the entire room without being too intense and annoying.