In modern homes a modern sideboard is essential. Let’s have a look at the trends for 2020.

The sideboard has become an element which links the kitchen and the living room.  If, in the past, you preferred a taller sideboard, maybe with a classic glass showcase, today the trend is for lower furniture, which can combine the practical, functional side of your kitchen with the more aesthetic elements of the living area.

Indeed one of the design trends in 2020 is the horizontal sideboard, geometric lines which are also both fluid and elegant. The new sideboard runs horizontally along the wall without being bulky, but instead enriching the interior with style and elegance.

For 2020 the new sideboard also enters other rooms; bedrooms, corridors…and, as a consequence, changes proportions, details and finishes. One of the most common materials, because of its great versatility, is wood. A wooden sideboard looks good in any interior, from the living room to the bedroom, from the entrance to the corridor. Modern sideboards are characterized by modules which can be composed to our liking, perfect for our interior.

More and more sideboads have geometric, essential lines but people also love the cubic ones, slightly rounded or monolithic.

Another distinctive characteristic of the perfect sideboard is the absence of handles.