An armchair can give your room a timeless charm, but also a sense of comfort;  you just need to know how to choose it. Let’s have a look together how!

Choosing an armchair which suits your home can be an interior design challenge. Contrary to what people think, it isn’t easy to decide on an armchair for your room, whether it is a living room, a bedroom or an office.

Of course, it needs to be coordinated with your furniture but that doesn’t mean not having strong contrasts between classic and modern or creating pop effects with bright colours and trends. 

Armchair styles:

Club Armchair:  an armchair with soft lines, with a deep seat. This is extremely comfortable and ideal for moments of real relaxation.

- Cabriolet Armchair: an oval shaped armchair with united back and arm rests. This armchair is characterized by its capacity to give comfort.

- Chesterfield Armchair: icon of exclusive living rooms. Easy to recognise from its soft arm rests.

- Bergère Armchair: high back, wide seat and decisive lines; this is perfect for classical, formal rooms

Today’s armchairs offer a wide range of colours, materials and patterns which mean you can create the atmosphere you want in your rooms. Also, where and how to position them is a style choice and to avoid make mistakes, we suggest you ask the experts.

Let’s have a look at how Jesse has reinterpreted in a modern, contemporary way, the most traditional armchairs.