The bathroom is the space in your home which is dedicated to relaxation and for this reason, it must be furnished in the right way.  Here is some advice.

Furnishing your bathroom can seem easy, but it is not. Standing in front of the entrance to the showroom, we all have very clear ideas, but once we go in we become indecisive and start having doubts…..this is why we have decided to give you some suggestions to help you choose your bathroom!

1. If practicality is the key word, the solution is suspended furniture. In addition to being modern and design, suspended sanitary units give your bathroom a unique style and make cleaning easier.

2. Not only should you choose sanitary units carefully, but also the washbasin and its surface are important for the furnishing of the bathroom.  You can therefore choose a washbasin and use it as a design detail to attract the attention of your guests and leave them astounded.

3. Also the taps contribute to the aesthetic and functional result of your bathroom.  This aspect is often ignored, but, in fact, it is very important to choose your taps accurately….coordinated and performing.

4. In any bathroom you must have a mirror and an good lighting system.  The mirror is a fundamental accessory that mustn’t be only beautiful, but must fit the requirements.  The lighting system must accompany the mirror and enhance its functions.

5. Choosing a comfortable shower or bath. There are many different sizes, shapes and materials and according to the space available and your preferences, you can choose the best one for you and your relaxation time.

6. The bathroom also needs to have its own personality and nothing better than the wall covering to give a little character.

7. Last but not least, choose accessories which can give your bathroom a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Here are some images to give you some inspiration.