Do you need some clear ideas to furnish a house at the sea, which must be beautiful, welcoming and comfortable. Let's have a look at some suggestions in this article.

Furnishing a house at the sea seems easy, but it isn't. It often risks becoming a mix of recycled furniture and therefore losing its charm.

First of all you need to consider that, usually, a house at the sea is not the main home, so put to one side all your most creative ideas and give importance to simplicity and purity. So, only a few pieces of furniture, clean lines, light colours, nuances of blue. Blue is often combined with white to create plays of colour in perfect marine style.

Also fabrics and materials contribute to the effect: wicker, straw, rope, linen; natural materials are perfect for your house at the sea.

Now let's have a look at some ideas for all rooms, from the living room to the bathroom.