How to choose a sofa which can satisfy the requirements of the whole family?  Read our 5 pieces of advice so that you don't make mistakes and discover 8 models which meet the needs of adults, children and old people.

Buying a sofa is like making an investment which will mature over time:  you have to choose a product which will last and is also attractive, but also comfortable and functional.

Lets have a look at 5 pieces of advice to follow when choosing the right sofa.

1. Take measurements;  before going to the shop you have to know the space available for the sofa.

2. Choose a solid structure which will last, a solid, durable frame and it all has to have a guarantee.

3. Choose carefully the style, material and colour.

4. Follow your requirements.  The aesthetics are important, but remember that you must choose a sofa which is functional and meets your needs.

5. Try it!  The worst mistake you can make when you are buying a sofa is to buy it “blind”, without trying it.